Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Men In My Life Go on their 1st Father/Son Campout

So last year I was really hurt, because Jeremy didn't think Thomas was ready to go on a campout. He was 2 and a few months. I'm not sure what the typical age is for a son to go on father/son campouts, but I was afraid Jeremy didn't want to take him, because of his special needs. I was afraid he wouldn't take him if he didn't walk and do other things that a typical child does. The unstable mama emotions definitely come out when I think Thomas is missing out on anything because of his disabilities. I definitely overreact some times. It just makes me want to cry when I think about our little boy missing out on some of the greatest, most memorable life experiences. I'm worried that congnitively he understands and wonders why he is different. Why he can't get up and play like the other kids. Why can't I march around in a line like the other kids. Why can't I jump up and catch a bubble. Why can't I climb up the stairs and go down the slide. Why, Why, Why. I feel like he is a spiritual giant with the best ever attitude, so I'm sure it is just my feelings. He probably knows exactly why he is the way he is and has an understanding of it, accepts it, and is happy about it. What a special little man.

Well about two weeks before the campout Jeremy asked me if it was okay if he took Thomas. I was ecstatic! They had a blast together. Someone had to save Thomas from falling in the fire once when Jeremy was cooking breakfast, but other than that all incident free. (seriously) I am such a proud mama and wife to have had my two sweeties go on their first ever campout together. I love those two guys. Jeremy even took his feeding gear and hooked it to the top of the tent and got him fed through his G Tube all night. What a MAN!!!

Here are some pictures of the campout. Jeremy even remembered the camera which is better than I would have done. He constantly amazes me. Most of these pictures are of our loving bishop and his son Matthew with Thomas. Bishop McHugh always talks about how much he loves Thomas and how special he is. We are moving into another ward and I think most of our ward will miss Thomas the most. I don't know whether to feel happy or sad about that. I think happy.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10th Anniversary Only 4 months late

I've been wanting to blog about our 10th anniversary for awhile, but haven't made the time.

First let me just say that I love my husband. There are many things we do not agree on and we have at least a couple tiffs a week, but he is one of the best men I know. It must be hard to live with me and all my complaining, lack of good cooking, cluttered house, etc. It seems i'm always forgetting to do something. He is so patient and rarely complains. I'm so blessed to be loved for what I do right and not scrutinized for my failings. He is such a sensitive, loving, hard working, good looking, all around "good" man. I've been the luckiest or most blessed girl to get to have him for 10 years and counting.

He is such a wonderful father as well. It always makes me smile to watch him with Thomas. Thomas doesn't think there is anything better than when daddy gets home from work. it makes my day as well when Jeremy gets home. It was so adorable the other night. Thomas loves it when people kiss. He gets so excited and does his little yell/laugh whatever it is. We were doing a family group hug and Jeremy kissed me and then kissed Thomas and Thomas grabbed the back of both of our heads and made us kiss again and again laughing each time he did it. It was one of those "yeah life is good and it is all worth it just to have a few minutes of family love time".

Here are some of our pics from our Disneyland trip we took to celebrate our 10 years together. We spent 3 days at Disneyland and California Adventures. It was so much fun and really awesome to just spend time with the two of us. No obligations, no children, etc. Just fun. It was great, because we saved the money the year before and so we just took cash and there was no stress thinking about how we were going to pay our bills, because it was set aside just for our trip. I would recommend traveling that way all the time. We usually just do it and then regret it later. This was a no regret trip.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thomas's Birthday Invitation Directions

Some of you have had troubles figuring out Thomas's invitation, so I thought I'd make it easier. First Click on the play button. Then click where it says click to start. Then you can play around with all the funny noses, glasses, hats, etc. by dragging them onto the photo with your mouse. When you are done playing click on the camera in the lower right hand corner and it will take you to the invitation details.

Love you all and sorry for any confusion.